Language: Nafsan (South Efate)

Corpus creator(s): Nick Thieberger
Archive: Paradisec Paradisec
Annotation files license: Creative Commons Attribution License
Audio files license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
Translation: English

The Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo dataset was compiled by Nick Thieberger between 1997 and 2000 and further processed by the DoReCo team (in particular Laura Schleicher, Michelle Elizabeth Throssell Balagué, Ludger Paschen, and Matthew Stave) between 2019 and 2022. The files that the Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo dataset are based on are part of a larger collection of Nick Thieberger's Nafsan (South Efate) data that is archived at Paradisec ( Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo files with a "mc_" prefix were taken from the Multi-CAST ( collection and are additionally annotated with the GRAID (Grammatical Relations and Animacy in Discourse) and RefIND (Referent Indexing in Natural Language Discourse) annotation schemes (see

A set of files with further information on the Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo dataset, including metadata and PIDs is automatically included in each bulk download of files from this dataset.

The Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo dataset should be cited as follows:

Thieberger, Nick. 2022. Nafsan (South Efate) DoReCo dataset. In Seifart, Frank, Ludger Paschen and Matthew Stave (eds.). Language Documentation Reference Corpus (DoReCo) 1.2. Berlin & Lyon: Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft & laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage (UMR5596, CNRS & Université Lyon 2). (Accessed on 25/05/2024). DOI:10.34847/nkl.ba4f760l 

Please note that when citing this dataset, or any number of DoReCo datasets, it is NOT sufficient to refer to DoReCo as a whole, but the full citation for each individual dataset must be provided, including the name(s) of the creator(s) of each data set.

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